Law Firm of Gallo & Spero, LLP - Staten Island, NY. We are Staten Island's premier Personal Injury and Elder Law Attorneys providing the best possible outcome for your accident claim and the best possible estate and medicaid planning protection of your hard earned assets.

As we advance in age, we often require advanced medical attention or enhanced care to maintain our lifestyles.  With limited income available after retirement, it can be incredibly important to plan for these expenses as far in advance as possible. When considering elder law planning issues, the guidance of an experienced elder care attorney can be invaluable in helping you create the most effective plan or find the resolutions you seek.

At the Law Firm of Gallo & Spero, LLP, we offer detailed and personalized elder law guidance to clients throughout Staten Island and the New York City area. With more than 20 years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the elder law Medicaid planning processes, our firm strives to offer the informative and useful advice you need to ensure your safety or the safety of your elderly loved ones.
Handling Various Elder Law Issues
     Our experience and knowledge allows us to address various elder law concerns, among them include:
Whether you need help planning for your own future or are concerned about the well being of a parent, we take great care to understand your specific concerns before offering advice that is tailored directly to your needs. Upon our initial meeting, we will walk you through your elder law concerns in an attempt to gain insight into your situation. We then provide advice on various programs that apply to your situation, programs that can help you pay the costs for long term care. We also counsel clients on the need for long term care insurance, provide advice on maximizing Medicaid eligibility and offer asset protection planning. 
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